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0000/9105 - black
The STEREOMAN 3 is a compact, lightweight pair of stereo headphones with a high-quality studio-level tone. The ear muffs, cushioned by soft PU leather and with thick padding, gently enclose your ears. This enclosed design facilitates intense immersion in music and audio books. Two sliding metal hinges allow you to fit the STEREOMAN 3 to the shape of your head precisely, so that nothing exerts uncomfortable pressure and they sit comfortably at all times. Transporting them is made easy by folding in the ear muffs.

The securely mounted sturdy headphone cable includes a controller and a microphone for making and receiving calls if the STEREOMAN 3 is linked to a smartphone. You can accept and end a call by simply pushing a button. The single button on the controller is also used to start and stop playback from the connected device and allows you to skip to the next track.

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348 g
222 g
16 x 19,5 x 8 cm
18 x 20 x 8,2 cm