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TechniSat CONNECT App
TechniSat CONNECT App
Technisat CONNECT
Technisat CONNECT

Your digital home, perfectly simple to use.

What might your digital home look like in the future? Will you watch and record your favourite series on TV? Will you keep your favourite videos and holiday photos on a hard drive or on your local network? Will you listen to music in every room and have your smart home functions at your fingertips at all times?

Until now, all these applications have had separate app solutions. CONNECT allows you to control your entire digital home intuitively, using a single app. CONNECT is the new mobile multi-product operating concept for the highest levels of user convenience - Made in Germany.

Individual - just like you.

TechniSat CONNECT's capabilities grow along with the TechniSat products in your home. You decide for yourself which product solutions you want to use and to integrate. TechniSat CONNECT allows you to select and remove various different areas of application, called modules, easily and effortlessly.

CONNECT modules - an overview












This module can be used to control your smart home. New components are easy to integrate into the Smart Home System. You can define specific rooms along with the associated components, or you can specify complex processes with ease.

Ihr smartes Zuhause auf einen Blick

Your smart home at a glance:

You can immediately see which central unit you are currently connected to.
Specify the equipment that you access on a regular basis as favourites.
Get valuable and useful additional information, e.g. indication of an imminent battery replacement requirement or reports on past events in the Smart Home System.
Define various different rooms and access the components installed in them.
Choose from a wide range of graphics to be able to identify specific rooms better
Im Handumdrehen installiert.

Installed in seconds.

All the equipment and components are easy to set up. The app guides you quickly and simply through the installation process.

Intuitive Steuerung.

Intuitive control.

Operation of the individual components, functions and scenarios is carried out using clearly understandable menus. For example, temperature setting is supported by a virtual display of a thermostat.

Mehr Details für Profis.

More details for professionals.

If you want to, you can find all sorts of details in the Smart Home System. A multi-sensor provides a large number of values that, in turn, can be used to generate a range of processes (scenarios).

CONNECT video instructions

Setting up the Smart Home central unit

Setting up the rooms / teaching the components / setting up the reports

Sie sind der Regisseur.

You are the director.

The app's easy-to-understand, intuitive operating interface allows you not only to control the individual functions in the Smart Home System, but also to create scenarios that are to be run in your home in future, from the very simple to the highly complex - entirely without the need for programming knowledge.

It takes just a few steps to combine various different components and create routines that you then trigger as necessary, or at specific times. Be creative, adapt your Smart Home to your requirements.

Creating a “Bathroom Light Motion Sensor” scenario as an example

Szene definieren

Defining the scenario

You have a multi-sensor and a smart light in the bathroom. You then simply specify in the app that, if the multi-sensor detects motion and is triggered, the bathroom light is switched on automatically.

Szene benennen

Naming the scenario

You need to give the scenario a unique name after specifying all the parameters for it. A unique and meaningful name is important if you subsequently want to activate the scenario by voice control.

Szene aktivieren

Activating the scenario

The overview then shows the scenario you created. From now on, the bathroom light will come on automatically when you enter the bathroom.

TechniSat TV-Geräte/Receiver mit Alexa steuern.

Controlling Smart Home using CONNECT when you are out.

Only possible with a personal MyTechniSat account.

You will need a MyTechniSat account to access your Smart Home System remotely. This will ensure that you alone can control the system via the Internet from outside your own four walls. Your personal MyTechniSat account also allows you to use additional free services, such as setting TV recordings while you are out.