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Service centre

Dear customers,

Welcome to the service area of TechniSat Digital GmbH!

In case of a malfunction occurring to your TechniSat product despite of ultra- modern production and constant high-class controls, you can turn first to the TechniSat export service hotline.

You can reach our service employees at phone number +49 3925 9220 1806 Monday -Friday from 09:00am - 6:00pm. The employees of the service hotline will conduct a first malfunction diagnosis and exclude possible operating errors.

If an actual malfunction exists, our service hotline will refer you to the retailer, at whom you have purchased the device, or to the respective service centre in your country.

Then you can choose if you would like to send your device to the service centre via your retailer. You are also free to order the pickup of the device directly by the service centre by mail or phone or to send in the device yourself.

Concerning accessories to your product please send them in only if they are defective, too. After a short period of repair you will get back your device.

Please find your nearest service centre by selecting your country in the entry field below.


Company: SETELEC
Address: 23 Rue de L´Argilière
76420 Bihorel-les-Rouen
Telephone number: 02 35 60 64 39
Fax number: 02 35 59 93 48
Business hours:
Lundi-Jeudi 9.00 - 12.00 et 13.30 - 17.30
Vendredi 9.00 - 12.00 et 13.30 - 17.00


Company: LetMeRepair Spain S.L.
Address: Nave 4 Complejo Industrial
Calle Conrado del Campo
Pol. Ind. Trevenez
29590 Málaga
Telephone number: 0034 - 952 179 602
Business hours: Mo – Fri, 09.00-18.00

Czech Republic

Company: Omko Digital a.s.
CZ/SK TechniSat Service centre
Address: Kastanova 270/62
62000 Brno
Czech Republic
Telephone number: 00420 544 528 225


Dietmar Hofer

Address: Via Roma 268
I-39012 Meran

Telephone number: +39 473 44 21 86