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Meltblown nonwovens and nonwoven products produced in Germany

Meltblown nonwoven fabric is used wherever liquid, solid or oil-like particles need to be effectively filtered, e.g. in air filters. Meltblown nonwoven fabric can not only filter particles, but also store liquid or oily substances, so it is also suitable for producing absorbent nonwoven fabrics or oil-absorbing products. Meltblown is also necessary for the production of respiratory masks. The application area of Meltblown is very wide, as wide as the TechniSat product portfolio.
We use Meltblown fleece to produce our certified respirator masks. We also sell Meltblown nonwoven fabrics for various applications. Are you looking for a reliable, long-term partner for the supply of meltblown nonwoven fabrics for a wide range of applications? At TechniSat you can buy not only Meltblown nonwoven fabrics in rolls, but also the highest quality nonwoven products. Feel free to contact us! We are happy to supply high-quality, proven nonwoven fabrics for various application areas.
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TechniForm Logo

Who produces Meltblown nonwoven fabric?

Meltblown nonwoven fabric is produced by TechniForm GmbH, which, like TechniSat, is part of Techniropa Holding GmbH in Nerdlen/Eifel. TechniForm is a company with over ten years of experience as a specialist in the field of plastics.

TechniForm produces Meltblown nonwovens on German machines from Reifenhäuser from Troisdorf. The granulates needed for this are obtained from Germany and other EU countries. The final product and production facilities are regularly tested to ensure the highest quality "Made in Germany".

Meltblown nonwoven fabric patterns available

We will be happy to send you a sample of Meltblown fleece along with a test report.

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Meltblown nonwoven fabrics

Das Meltblown Vlies wurde bei den medizinischen Gesichtsmasken von TechniSat eingesetzt Das Meltblown Vlies wurde bei den medizinischen Gesichtsmasken von TechniSat eingesetzt

Respiratory protection

TechniSat already uses TechniForm's Meltblown fleece in its own production of FFP2 protective class respirator masks and type IIR medical face masks. This guarantees high filter efficiency (FFP 1-3, medical masks) and wearing comfort thanks to its low basis weight.

Available in the form of a pure Meltblown or SM layer (laminate with spunbond / on request).

Raum- und Partikelfilterung Raum- und Partikelfilterung

Room and particulate filters

Thanks to our nonwovens, we offer you high-quality, proven Meltblown nonwovens in rolls for industrial use. TECHNIFILT HVC nonwoven fabrics are ideal for filtering rooms and solid particles. Depending on specifications, they can be further processed into different types of filters. Our TECHNIFILT HVC nonwoven fabrics can be used to produce, for example, air and cabin filters.

Available in rolls of various specifications.

Saugvliese Saugvliese

Absorbent fleeces

Meltblown fleeces are not only suitable for filtration, but also for absorbing and storing liquid and oily substances in other specifications. With the TECHNIVLIES roll goods, we offer you high-quality meltblown nonwovens as the right starting materials for the production of highly absorbent nonwoven products.

Available as rolls in different specifications.


Meltblown-Vlies für Ölabsorber Meltblown-Vlies für Ölabsorber

Oil barriers

Our offer includes Meltblown nonwoven fabric, which, thanks to its high absorbency, is ideal for absorbing oils and oily liquids.

TechniSat oil absorbing hoses are used wherever oil liquid may leak during production or in an emergency situation. The practical shape of the hose makes them particularly flexible and reliably absorbs oil spills and oil-based fluids on land, in water and in hard-to-reach places. Therefore, they are used, among others, in the fire brigade, industry, technical assistance organizations or in workshops.

TechniSat absorption hoses are made exclusively of recycled material from our own production of protective masks. The filling made of 100% polypropylene is characterized by a particularly high binding power only for oily liquids. This means that the absorbent hoses are waterproof.

Meltblown-Vlies für TECHNIFILL OIL-MAT Meltblown-Vlies für TECHNIFILL OIL-MAT

Oil-absorbing mats and rolls

TECHNIFILL is an extremely absorbent oil-binding fleece. It is ideal for reliably absorbing oil or hydrocarbon-based liquids while reliably repelling water. This means that it can be used wherever leaks may occur - both in production halls and in private workshops, or even outdoors - or where an oil film may form on the water, e.g. in swimming pools when using sunscreens.

TECHNIFILL oil-binding nonwoven fabric consists of several layers of polypropylene that are solidified using ultrasonic welding processes. Thanks to the use of very fine fibers in the nonwoven matrix, the liquid spreads very quickly on the surface, thus ensuring high absorption capacity. Highly waterproof material ensures the bond fleece remains buoyant in water, even when wet. Thanks to this, the absorbed oil can be reused after squeezing.

The TECHNIFILL oil-binding non-woven fabric can then be used many times - this saves costs and is as ecological as possible. In the variant with extended action at a distance of 40 cm, practical fleece pads are created if necessary, which are perfect for smaller leaks. A big factor in savings and sustainability.

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