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KitchenRadio, silver-white
KitchenRadio is a modern FM radio ideallY suited for installation under cabinets in the kitchen or bedroom. The elegant housing will perfectlY match modern interiors. This radio has a modern, easY-to-read LED displaY in white. Two full-range (2.5 W RMS each) speakers and a bass amplifier are responsible for the sound. The Bluetooth receiver allows You to plaY music sent directlY from a smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). In Bluetooth connection mode, the radio can also function as a hands-free kit.
In addition, this model is also equipped with practical alarm functions, automatic shutdown and a practical cooking timer.
Installed LEDs can be used as under-cabinet night lighting.

Favorite music from smartphone.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming enables the transmissionof stored music collections wirelessly to the device without any loss in quality. Various mobile devices such as smartphones, tabletts or others can be connection with the product via Bluetooth.

Alarm / sleep timer

This device features a convenient sleep timer with numerous configurable timer settings. This lets you end your day in a leisurely way, without giving a thought to switching the device off. The built-in radio alarm feature will wake you up to your favourite programme whenever you want.

KitchenRadio, silver-white(Szene)

Technical Data

Article information

21,2 x 12,2 x 4,2 cm
28 x 14,5 x 7 cm

Ambient operating conditions

5 - 90 % relative air humidity (non-condensing)
5 - 35 °C

Bluetooth Version & Profile


Dimensions / Weight







5 W (RMS)
5 W

Network & communication


Power consumption

7,5 W
0,1 W

Power supply

230 V
50 Hz
DC 5 V / 1500 mA
LR44 (clock backup)

Radio / reception

87,5 - 108 MHz
DAB/FM antenna cable

Radio type

All technical data