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Bluetooth Keyboard & Cover

1000/9010 - black
Bluetooth Keyboard & Cover
Bluetooth Keyboard & Cover
QuicklY tYping a long email, putting the picture gallerY from the weekend online or chatting with Your entire circle of friends at the same time: some things are simplY easier with a real keYboard. Without a virtual keYboard, You can once again use the entire screen of Your tablet for surfing, chatting and working. You can also use practical function keYs to control settings such as: volume, brightness or the media plaYer on Your tablet. PerfectlY fitting for the TechniPad 10(G), the onlY 7 mm flat Bluetooth keYboard in an elegant aluminum design can also be used as a cover - this not onlY saves space, but also offers Your TechniPad 10(G) perfect protection. (Not compatible with TechniPad 10G-HD)

Technical Data

Article information

300 g
300 g
247 x 179 x 6,5 mm
26 x 19,1 x 1,75 cm



Power supply

350 mAh

Scope of Delivery

Keyboard, Micro USB recharger cable