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Teppinox M3000 E with stainless steel knob
In contrast to the M1500 and M2000, the M3000 has two heating zones that can be controlled separately. In combination with the large grilling area of ​​480 x 410 mm, you are able to cook e.g. sear part of the food while food is kept warm in the other zone. In typical Teppan style, you can use this luxury grill to prepare great menus at a constant heat of up to 250°. The food to be cooked lies directly on the hot stainless steel plate and does not dry out due to the shorter cooking times, so it stays nice and juicy. The reduced cooking time also ensures that nutrients and vitamins are better preserved.

Technical Data

Article information

27 kg
23,5 kg
84 x 77 x 13 cm


Portable grill
3 kW, 1N/PE
Schuko plug, 230V, 16A

Technical data

480 x 410 mm , stainless steel
Analog rotary toggle
50 - 250 °C (stepless)
3.000 W , 1,500 W per heating zone
230 V / 16 A / 1NPE
stainless steel

Scope of Delivery

Grill, instruction manual, shipping / storage box