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Teppinox M1500

000M/1500 - silver
Teppinox M1500
Teppinox M1500
Mobile table grill made of stainless steel "Made in Germany" with precise temperature control for the low-fat and healthy preparation of fish, meat, vegetables, rice, potatoes and much more. The Teppinox M1500 from Eifel Techinox inspires both visually and functionally.
The mobile M1500 is a Teppanyaki table grill that can be used flexibly (e.g. in the garden, on the balcony, in the kitchen, in the living room) thanks to its compact dimensions and carrying handles. The multi-functional channel catches excess fat and enables low-fat grilling. Accurate temperature control ensures that the pores of the grilled food close quickly, keeping the meat or fish juicy.
The device is also perfect for outdoors. The grill plate is firmly glued to the sturdy stainless steel housing. The thermostat control without electronics also contributes to the absolute durability. As a result, the Teppinox M1500 is resistant to wind and weather.
This grill is used for grilling on a smaller scale for families or groups of 2 to 6 people.
Who is supplying the Teppinox M1500?
Techinox, which, like TechniSat, belongs to Techniropa Holding, builds top-class kitchen appliances in Germany. The mobile Teppinox M1500 is the result of extensive research work.
Advantages of the Teppinox M1500:
1. Thanks to its compact dimensions and carrying handles, it can be used in many different ways (e.g. garden, balcony, kitchen, living room)
2. Tasty preparation through the resulting roasted aromas and gentle roasting
3. Enjoy your health as no carcinogenic substances are produced
4. Complete menu with a wide range of cooking options for fish, meat, vegetables, rice, pasta, potatoes, nuts and more
5. Very durable thanks to the use of only high-quality materials
6. Multifunctional groove for draining fat and juice
7. Precise Temperature Control
8. Short time of preparation of dishes
9. Quick and easy cleaning without chemicals
10. Made in Germany

Technical Data

Article information

17,4 kg
13,5 kg
75,5 x 12 x 55 cm


Portable grill
1,5 kW, 1N/PE
Schuko plug, 230V, 10A

Technical data

410 x 204 mm , Edelstahl
Analog rotary toggle
50 - 250 °C (stepless)
1.500 W
230 V / 10 A / 1NPE
stainless steel

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