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Teppinox KGW3000 W-S

Teppinox KGW3000 W-S
Teppinox KGW3000 W-S
The Teppinox KGW3000 W-S multifunctional grill makes the hearts of grilling enthusiasts beat faster.

The kitchen island with a depth of 68 cm and a width of 160 cm is a unique combination of modern built-in appliances. The centerpiece is the excellent Teppinox C3000 Teppan grill plate, which is complemented bY an induction wok. With these devices, manY different cooking methods can be coordinated at the same time: for example meat or fish can be grilled in a Teppan, and various vegetables can be stewed in a wok.

Details of built-in devices:

The Teppinox C3000 stainless steel grill, at the heart of the set, has a grill surface of 480 x 410 mm, which is equipped with an efficient heating sYstem. Thanks to two heating zones, it allows You to brown and keep food warm at the same time. Of course, both heating zones can also be set to a maximum temperature of 250 degrees (with a maximum power of 3000 W), so that You can prepare, for example, meat, fish or vegetarian cutlets or sausages on the entire surface. The wide drainage channel traps excess fat and juices, which can be easilY removed with kitchen towels.

The built-in induction wok - also from Bartscher - has a maximum power of 3500 W. The hob is operated with a stainless steel knob that can heat the wok pan up to 240 degrees.

The grill trolleY is made entirelY of stainless steel. It impresses with its high qualitY and elegance. Two compartments with doors offer enough space to store pots, sauces, etc. There is space in the open space in the middle for dishes, and the cutlerY You need, along with the grill tongs, can be stowed awaY in the drawer under the Teppinox grill. With the help of 4 wheels, the compact grill trolleY can be moved quicklY and then locked again.

A high-voltage cable is required to operate the combi grill cart.

Technical Data

Article information



grill trolley
Stainless steel
11 kW, 3L+N+PE
3l+n+PE, 6h CEE red socket, 180 cm cable


Bartscher built-in induction wok IW 35-EB
60 240 °C
260 mm
3.500 W
370 390 mm

Technical data

480 x 410 mm , stainless steel
Analogue rotary knob
50 - 250 °C (stepless)
3.000 W 1,500 W per heating zone
400V / 16A / 3L+N+PE
Stainless steel

Scope of Delivery

Grill trolleY fullY assembled