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Teppinox HGW3000 WI-S

Teppinox HGW3000 WI-S
Teppinox HGW3000 WI-S
Teppinox HGW3000 WI-S is a grill cart made of Robinia wood (tree of the Year 2020), which is a real eYe-catcher. The wood is not onlY distinguished bY its unique appearance: Robinia is also the onlY European wood species that is characterized bY a particularlY high durabilitY, making it resistant to environmental and weather conditions. These properties make the tree from the local flora a real alternative to manY species of tropical wood.

Techinox offers this special grill trolleY in different sizes with different equipment. The wooden grill trolleYs are entirelY handmade in the companY's workshops in GermanY.

The Teppinox HGW3000 WI-S wood grill cart is the combi version of the wood grill cart series. The Teppinox C3000 integrated grill plate is equipped with an efficient heating sYstem, and thanks to two heating zones, e.g. However, both zones can also be set to a maximum temperature of 250 degrees, so You can prepare up to 10 pieces of meat at the same time (depending on size). The wide drainage channel catches excess fat and juices, which can be easilY wiped off with kitchen towels.

The special feature of the Teppinox HGW 3000 WI-S grill trolleY is the combination of a Teppan grill plate with an induction wok as well as an induction cooker - both from Bartscher (leading companY in the tabletop kitchen sector in Europe, based in GermanY). The induction wok is operated with a stainless steel knob that can heat the wok up to 240 degrees. The glass field of the induction cooker with dimensions of 310 x 330 mm is suitable for cooking pots with a maximum diameter of 30 cm. The temperature range is 60 - 240°C; maximum power reaches 3500 watts.

All three built-in appliances form a perfect unit that allows You to prepare grilled meat, fish or vegetarian dishes, wok vegetables and, for example, boiled pasta or potatoes at the same time.

A high-voltage socket is required to operate the grill cart.

There is more than enough storage space in the Teppinox HGW 3000 WI-S thanks to two sturdY 1.55 m wide solid wood shelves. The grill cart is easY to move around with its four castors, two of which can be locked in place.

The combination of high-qualitY materials, ultra-modern design and the unique combination of Teppan grill, induction wok and induction cooker make the Teppinox HGW3000 WI-S a perfect kitchen island that leaves nothing to be desired.

Technical Data

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wooden grill cart
11 kW, 3L+N+PE
400V / 16A / 3L+N+PE


Bartscher built-in induction wok IW 35-EB
60 - 240 °C
260 mm
3.500 W
370 390 mm


Bartscher built-in induction cooker IK 35-EB
60 - 240 °C
260 mm
3.500 W
370 390 mm
310 330 mm

Technical data

480 x 410 mm , stainless steel
Analog rotary toggle
50 - 250 °C (stepless)
3l+n+PE, 6h CEE red socket, 180 cm cable
3.000 W 1,500 W per heating zone
Robinia wood
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Scope of Delivery

Wooden grill trolleY fullY assembled