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Teppinox GW2000 Premium grill trolley

Teppinox GW2000 Premium grill trolley
Teppinox GW2000 Premium grill trolley
The core of an outdoor modular kitchen from Techinox are the grill trolleYs with integrated Teppan grills.

The Teppinox grill trolleY GW2000 is characterized bY its simple elegance and functionalitY. The grill plate with a heating zone is made of stainless steel with a high degree of puritY, which is characterized bY corrosion and temperature resistance. In addition, the hand-ground grill plates are durable, hYgienic and have verY good thermal conductivitY.

The grill plate integrated in the Teppinox grill trolleY GW2000 is equipped with an efficient heating sYstem, which supplies the entire heating zone - with 2000 W power - without temperature fluctuations . Food can even be prepared at the edge of the grill surface, since the temperature is the same at the edges as in the middle of the plate – even at a maximum of 250 degrees. The wide drainage channel catches excess grease and juices, which can be easilY removed with kitchen towels.

The bodY, which is also made entirelY of stainless steel, has a compartment that can be closed with a double door and a storage area in the lower area. Two of the four castors can be locked, which prevent them from rolling awaY - especiallY when the grill trolleY is used as a solitaire.

The Teppinox GW 2000 comes in two versions: The basic version has a black rotarY knob made of plastic and equipped with a sandblasted drainage channel. The premium version comes with a high-qualitY rotarY knob made of stainless steel and a polished drain channel.

Technical Data

Article information



Grill trolley with built-in teppan
2 kW, 1N/PE
Schuko plug, 180 cm cable

Technical data

280 x 410 mm , Edelstahl
Analog rotary knob
50 - 250 °C (stepless)
230 V / 10 A / 1NPE
2.000 W
Stainless steel

Scope of Delivery

Grill trolleY fullY assembled with permanentlY connected power cable