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TECHNISMART motion detector

0000/9563 - Weiß
TECHNISMART motion detector
TECHNISMART motion detector
The infrared motion sensor is wirelesslY powered bY batteries. It has a viewing angle of 100 degrees and a range of up to 9 meters. In combination with the TECHNISMART central unit, the motion sensor triggers an alarm as soon as it registers movement. It is mounted on the wall of the house using the supplied mounting plate with a movable ball joint, on which the motion sensor can be attached and individuallY set at an optimal mounting height of 180 to 240 cm.

The CPU from the TECHNISMART Starter Pack (item no. 0100/9560) and the free TECHNISMART app (iOS/Android) are required to use this device.

The integration of the motion sensor with the TECHNISMART alarm sYstem is done bY simplY scanning the QR code in the free TECHNISMART application.

Technical Data

Article information

224 g
196 g
6 x 10 x 5 cm
6,3 x 13,5 x 5,3 cm

Ambient operating conditions

10 ... 75 %
-10 ... 45 °C

funk communication

RF (ISM-Band)
433,92 MHz

Power supply

3 V
2 x AA



Scope of Delivery

Motion detector, installation material