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TECHNINET BS4 Programmer

0000/5961 - grey
TECHNINET BS4 Programmer
TECHNINET BS4 Programmer
All plug-in cards can be easily programmed for the BS4 using the TechniNet BS4 programming remote control. The output and input parameters can be easily queried at any time and can also be changed. This programming remote control is well-equipped for use in all areas of application and has a sturdy plastic housing and a high-contrast blue-screen display that is easy to view, even in strong daylight. All buttons have integrated microswitches. These ensure that the buttons will function for years to come.

Technical Data

Article information

500 g
400 g
10 x 3,3 x 18 cm
15 x 8,5 x 22,5 cm

Scope of Delivery

Appropriate connection cable to base unit, TechniNet BS4 Professional


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