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Dust and dirt have no chance: With the powerful TECHNIMAX AS7, housework is dealt with quicklY and easilY, so there's more time for the good things in life. The batterY-powered vacuum cleaner with mopping function efficientlY and effortlesslY picks up small and large dirt particles at speeds of up to 125,000 revolutions per minute. Another handY feature: The cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with LED lighting and an articulated suction tube, so that the wide motorised brush picks up dust and dirt even in the most remote, dark corners.

In no time at all, it can be converted into either a handheld vacuum cleaner or a vacuum mop with a 0.2 litre water tank to remove even dried-on dirt with ease. The modern touch screen makes it easY to switch between the three power levels: Eco, normal and turbo, and the remaining batterY life can be seen at a glance. The replaceable rechargeable batterY lasts up to 60 minutes and can be charged either on the stand or on the wall mount, thus saving space.

In addition to the wall mount and the stand, the flexible suction hose, floor mop, crevice tool and 2-in-1 nozzle, the scope of supplY also includes a HEPA 13 filter. Ideal for allergY sufferers, the TECHNIMAX AS7's 2-stage filter sYstem filters up to 99.95% of all dust particles from the air drawn in, so that even the smallest particles, such as pollen, are removed bY the dust pre-filter and the supplied HEPA 13 filters. For a fresh, clean home.

Technical Data

Article information

5,84 kg
2,5 kg
24 x 112,6 x 23 cm
30,5 x 69,5 x 17,8 cm

Cleaning characteristics

up to 380 W
up to 26.000 Pa
Eco, normal, turbo and automatic mode
HEPA 13 (>99.95%)
0,6 l
65 - 75 dB
210 mm
6.000 r/min
125.000 r/min
24 mm
0,2 l

Ambient operating conditions

15 - 35 °C
40 - 60 %

Power supply

up to 60 min per battery charge
up to 300 min
Lithium ions with 25.2 V, 2,500 mAh and 63 Wh
DC 31 V / 0,5 A / 15,5 W (Kabellänge 150 cm)
380 W
50 / 60 Hz
220 - 240 V



Scope of Delivery

TECHNIMAX AS7, quick-start manual, mains adapter, wall mount, stand, HEPA 13 filter, flexible suction hose (33-90 cm), crevice tool, 2-in-1 nozzle, floor mop