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TECHNIMASK Mini, 5 or 50 pieces

TECHNIMASK Mini, 600 pieces (120x5 piece package)
TECHNIMASK Mini, 600 pieces (120x5 piece package)
Do you have a smaller face and standard-size folding masks are too big for you? Then try the TECHNIMASK Mini. The TECHNIMASK Mini is a multi-layer community mask "Made in Germany" especially for people with small, narrow faces. The total of 4 layers are divided into 3x fleece and 1x meltblown fleece. The soft fleece material, the elastic ear loops and the adjustable, integrated nosepiece ensure a high level of comfort. The TECHNIMASK Mini has a similarly low breathing resistance as a medical mouth and nose mask, but also offers the tight fit of an FFP2 mask.

Technical Data

Article information

3,55 kg
2,4 kg
14 x 9,3 cm
39,4 x 39,4 x 36 cm

Mask properties

Elastic band
plastic-coated wire (two-core)
4 layers of fleece with 1 layer of meltblown fleece
Community: No medical device, no personal protective equipment