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TECHNIMASK M2 R, 50 pieces (5 packs of 10 pieces)
TECHNIMASK M2 R, 50 pieces (5 packs of 10 pieces)
The TECHNIMASK M2 R 3-layered mouth and nose single-use mask is "Made in Germany" and is produced in the Schöneck/Vogtland facility. The soft non-woven material, the elastic ear loops and the machined-in adjustable nose clip make the mask very comfortable to wear. The bacteria filtering efficiency (BFE) of the TECHNIMASK M2 R is at least 98%. The respiratory resistance is less than 40 Pa/cm2, and the microbiological cleanliness is less than 30FCU/g.

The TECHNIMASK M2 R is suitable for medical and nursing staff who want to protect patients from their own respiratory emissions. It is also suitable for use in operating theatres and in other medical facilities with similar requirements. The mask can also be used on patients and other people to reduce the risk of spreading infection, especially in epidemic or pandemic situations.

The Type IIR - EN 14683 medical face mask, with high spray protection, inhibits contact between the patient, or the working environment, and large particles emitted by the wearer of the mask (such as spittle or mucus). It also protects the wearer from blood and/or other bodily fluids from the patient or from the working environment.

The TECHNIMASK M2 R is light-green in colour and measures 175 × 95mm. The masks come in packs of 50, packaged in five foil bags, each containing ten masks.

Technical Data

Article information

305 g
25 x 12,5 x 1,5 cm
19,5 x 11,7 x 12 cm

Mask properties

Elastic band
plastic coated wire
3-ply: 2x fleece, 1x melt blown fleece
DIN EN 14683:2019-10

General characteristics

light green

Scope of Delivery