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1080/0530 - cm, graphie (5 pcs per box) - grafirowy
TECHNIDISH 80 cm, graphie (5 pcs per box)
TECHNIDISH 80 cm, graphie (5 pcs per box)
TECHNIDISH 80 antennas are made of the highest qualitY steel and painted with powder paint. Thanks to this, it is highlY resistant to rust and extreme weather conditions. The diameter of the antenna is 80 cm. The precise construction of the antenna guarantees effective reception of digital satellite television throughout Europe. The TechniDish 80 antenna has a universal mounting bracket for 40 mm LNBs.
The antenna plate is available in two colors: beige and graphite.
Available in sets with Single (1 user), Twin (2 users, or Twin decoder) and without converters.

Technical Data

Article information


General characteristics

1 mm
Powder-coated on both sites

Input frequency range

10,7 ... 11,7 GHz
11,7 ... 12,75 GHz

Technical data

26 °
38,1 dBi @11,3 GHz
50 mm
LNB retaining clamp (40mm)

Scope of Delivery

TECHNIDISH 80 satellite dish, AZ/EL holder, 40 mm mount, user manual, converter * (depending on the set).