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SlimFeed Universal-Quattro-LNB/40 mm for VARIO multifeed system

0009/8880 - SlimFeed Universal-Quattro-LNB - white
SlimFeed Universal-Quattro-LNB
SlimFeed Universal-Quattro-LNB
Universal Quattro LNB with extra slim feed horn.

This LNB is designed for multi participants receipton and can be used perfectly to build up a multifeed system.




HDTV stands for High Definition Television, thus for outstanding picture quality. With HDTV, pictures can be displayed in much greater detail and with much finer gradations. Contrast and contours are more precise and colours truer to their originals. Furthermore, the wide screen format on HDTV broadcasts corresponds much better to human visual perception. So it creates a more vivid impression overall.

Multiple subscribers

Multiple subscribers

1 orbit position

1 orbit position

Technical Data

Article information

240 g
200 g
4.50 x 8.50 x 14.00 cm
5.20 x 8.00 x 15.00 cm

Local oscillator

9.75 GHz
10.6 GHz
± 0.5 MHz
± 1 MHz
-85 dBc/Hz @10kHz

Ambient operating conditions

-40 ... 65 °C
5 ... 100 %

Input frequency range

10.7 ... 11,7 GHz
11.7 ... 12,75 GHz

Noise factor

0.1 dB typ.

Output frequency range

950 ... 1950 MHz
1100 ... 2150 MHz

Power supply

11 ... 20 V
170 mA (Typ.)

Prepared for


Technical data

60 ... 64 dB
75 Ω
ø 40 mm

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