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TechniSat: TECHNILAN 4/4 Active - Downloads and Information - Service | EN

Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

TECHNILAN 4/4 Active

( 0000/3637 )

With the TechniLAN multi-switch extension it is possible to distribute Internet in existing satellite cabling in order to offer up to four TV outlets for any network-enabled devices. TechniLAN uses the coaxial cable for data transmission and reception. So you can easily and without installingnew cables to the TV-set,build up afast and tap-proof IP network.
With the TechniLAN 4/4 Activeinput depluxer4 participants can beconnect with each other through a peer-to-peer network. Each participant has equal rights and they are able to communicate with each other. Two additional LAN ports on theinput depluxerprovide an enhanced network flexibility.
The input depluxer can be combined with any TechniSat multiswitch or Quattro Switch LNB. The application is also possible in home networks withstar distribution structure. The external power supply supplies the TechniLAN jacks with operating voltage.

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Mounting instruction

Installation Manual TechniLAN 4/4 aktiv, 04.09.2012, 0.9 MB


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