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TechniSat: DIGICORDER ISIO S1 - Downloads and Information - Service | EN

Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0501/4726, 0500/4726, 1001/4726, 1000/4726 )

The new DigiCorder ISIO S1 features many innovations. First of all, it offers an integrated internet functionality which enables the DigiCorder ISIO S both to receive DVB-S and internet signals. Discover Internet on your TV and enjoy the access to TechniSat´s new service portal ISIO Live! Free browsing and watching HbbTV is possible as well. When using your home network, DigiCorder ISIO S1 supports Universal Plug and Play (server and client), and you can easily handle a variety of multimedia data such as digital pictures, music and videos. A web interface for the programming of timers is integrated as well. The fluorescent display can display up to six lines and shows besides the name of the channel information concerning
the programme.

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Anleitung für UPnP und die Verwendung der Themenkanäle von watchmi

Anleitung für UPnP und die Verwendung der Themenkanäle von watchmi
Für die Geräte:
DIGIT ISIO S/S1 - Ab Software-Version
DigiCorder ISIO S/S1 - Ab Software-Version
, 22.02.2013, 0.01 MB

Firmware für DigiCorder ISIO S / S1 (

, 09.01.2017, 30.09 MB


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