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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0001/4753 )

The new DIGIT ISIO S1 provides access to the IP-based internet content and interactive services, such as media libraries. It is also possible to browse the net, HbbTV, call up Video on Demand services and access the TechniSat Portal ISIO Live!

An intuitive remote control concept provides simple and quick access to all functions. Enjoy your interactive TV experience.

Digital TV and radio programmes can be received with the DIGIT ISIO S1 via satellite in SD and HD. Using two Common Interface (CI+) interfaces, you can expand your DIGIT ISIO S1 to include additional decoding systems (e.g. HD+ and Sky).

The DIGIT ISIO S1 is also equipped with a digital video recorder function (DVRready). Using USB or eSATA, you can connect external storage media, such as an external hard disk. This allows you to record digital TV and radio programmes at the push of a button, and to play them back without loss of quality. Thanks to the standard integrated twin-functionality it is even possible to record one programme on the hard disk whilst watching a different programme in parallel to this.

Versatile connection possibilities and functions make the DIGIT ISIO S1 the perfect multimedia centre in your home network.

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Anleitung für UPnP und die Verwendung der Themenkanäle von watchmi

Anleitung für UPnP und die Verwendung der Themenkanäle von watchmi
Für die Geräte:
DIGIT ISIO S/S1 - Ab Software-Version
DigiCorder ISIO S/S1 - Ab Software-Version
, 22.02.2013, 0.01 MB

Firmware für DIGIT ISIO S / S1 / S Edition (

Allgemeine Verbesserungen
- der HbbTV-Funktionen
- der AutoInstall-Funktion
- des Transponderempfangs, 30.12.2016, 29.99 MB

TechniPort Plus (Beta) (

Programm zur Verwaltung von TV-, Radio- und Internet-Links bei TechniSat-Geräten sowie mit zusätzlichen Funktionen zum komfortablen Zugriff auf DVR-Inhalte , 09.10.2012, 26.13 MB


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