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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

SKYSTAR 2 eXpress HD

( 4110/3734 )

With the PCIe-TV SkyStar 2 eXpress HD card, TechniSat offers a complete solution for digital satellite reception on your computer. Using the compact PCI Express card you can receive digital radio and TV channels via satellite to your PC, not only in DVB-S SD standard, but also in HDTV DVB-S2 transmission standard. In addition, using the DVR function you can also save digital radio and TV programmes with ease onto your PC's hard disk or, for example, play them back later using the TIMESHIFT function.
Installation is straightforward. The compact SkyStar 2 eXpress HD is connected through the PCI Express port (PCIe) on your PC. PCIe is the successor of PCI, PCI-X and AGP and offers you a comparably higher data transfer quota. Once you have installed the software package included in delivery plus the driver, there is nothing else to stop you enjoying TV on your PC. Thanks to the easy-to-use DVBViewer TE2 software, you'll quickly come to grips with all important functions in the TV menu. With its comprehensive features, such as the "SiehFern INFO" (ePID) electronic programme information service, SkyStar 2 eXpress HD offers you everything you could want from a digital television.

Support for upcoming operating systems is not planned.

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Quick Installation Instructions

for all TechniSat PCI/PCIe/USB 2.0 products from TechniSat, 07.09.2011, 7.64 MB

Anleitung zum manuellen Programmlistenupdate für SkyStar (3.0 )

Anleitung zum manuellen Programmlistenupdate für SkyStar - ohne Internetzugang am Betriebsort.

, 05.12.2013, 0.05 MB

Software (4.7.0)

General improvements, 08.09.2011, 106.86 MB

aktuelle Software und ZTreiber für SkyStar 2 eXpress HD

enthält Software und Treiber sowie Handbuch und FAQs, 07.07.2014, 78.14 MB


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