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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

TECHNINET Programmer

( 0000/5940 )

This programming remote control serves to enter all the input and output parameters of the digital converter cassettes for the TechniNet head station. The LCD display allows you to quickly set the input and output parameters at each basic unit, for all cassettes, individually and according to your preference. The remote control is simply connected to the base station, you can then address each individual cassette. Enter the parameters via the keyboard to programme all the cassettes/boards in the base unit.

Product Characteristics
- Economical, as only one unit has to be purchased to programme and maintain several installations. Suitable for programming various types of cards (e.g. TechniNet PAL 1, QQ 1 and further models to be developed in future).
- Easy, logical operation
- Display of data set possible
- Practical, handy and robust design
- Simply remove the remote control to protect the unit from unauthorised programming
- Standard connector sockets
- Operating parameters indicated on multi-line LCD display
- Setting and adjusting operating parameters via numeric keys

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