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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/5947 )

The TechniNet BS 3 basis unit is a modern system with eight plug-in slots and a built-in, high-quality switch network component. The switch network component can supply not only all eight cassettes but also the connected LNB?s on the input side. A new innovative feature of this basis unit is the integrated multi-switch which makes it possible to gate Quattro-LNBs and Quattro-Switch-LNBs. Via programming of the individual cassettes it is possible to receive up to four different ZF levels. The basis unit sends both 14/18-volt impulses as well as 0/22-kHz signals on the input side to the LNB. By means of the cascading of several basis units input signals can be looped through from basis unit to basis unit. This saves an awful lot of really elaborate cabling! Furthermore, via the cascading, the combined cassette output from basis unit to basis unit is consolidated so that the signals can be fed into the existing cable network from one single output. The basis unit can be individually fitted with QQ-1- or TechniNet PAL-1 cassettes which are individually adjustable via the programme remote control. The extremely compact and robust casing makes the TechniNet BS 3 suitable for use in a multitude of ways.

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