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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

HDTV 40 Plus

( 5340/0500, 5340/0516, 5340/0505, 5340/0400, 5340/0416, 5340/0405 )

LCD digital television set with multi-tuner and outstanding image quality in Full HD resolution

Exceptionally versatile

The multi-tuner reception technology, which is based on the 3 x Digital direct concept of the well-known TechniSat HD-Vision range, has been further refined and enhanced. The result of this development is the HDTV 40 Plus with its integrated Dual HDTV multi-tuner. This multi-receiver, which is designed for dual channel operation, you can receive digital programmes via satellite, cable television or via terrestrial DVB-T, either in the standard quality you know from the past, or in impressive HD quality. In HD mode, the HDTV 40 Plus provides contoured images in brilliant colours, featuring an amazing wealth of detail at the highest possible resolution (Full HD). The fascination of these images is further enhanced by the outstanding sound system of the HDTV 40 Plus. In addition to the digital reception options you can also enjoy the following analogue reception options: analogue cable, analogue terrestrial and FM. In both cases, digital and analogue, reception is directly via the television set, there is no need for a separate receiver. Encrypted programme contents (such as Pay TV and Pay Radio) can also be received, using the HDTV 40 Plus. Two CI slots and a CONAX card reader are provided for decoding encrypted programmes.

Great design, impressive format

The HDTV 40 Plus is a feast for the eyes as well as an excellent LCD television set. The discreet luxurious design features a front framework of brushed aluminium as well as a multi-coated non-reflective full glass contrast pane. The contrast pane enhances the elegant impression created by the television set, while at the same time protecting the high-quality 40-inch screen. The flat screen has a diagonal size of 102 cm, it is guaranteed to be 100 % free of pixel errors, and provides Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Masterful recordings

One of the special features of this digital television set is the integrated Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The recording function of the DVR allows you to record digital and analogue TV and radio programmes on the integrated hard drive with a single stroke of a key on your remote control unit. The recordings can be reproduced in loss-free quality at any time, and integrated editing functions are also provided. In addition to the usual TV and radio signals, other information is recorded, too, such as Teletext, sub-titles and additional sound tracks. The full spectrum of functions of the video recorder really comes into play in conjunction with the Dual HDTV multi-tuner. This provides numerous combination options with regard to saving programmes on the hard drive, viewing a current programme simultaneously, or simultaneous playback of a recording that is still in progress, or has been completed. For instance, it is no problem to record a TV or radio programme, and at the same time to view or listen to a different programme in parallel.

User-friendly operation

The sophisticated operating concept provides real ease of use to users. The result of this carefully thought-out concept is an intuitive, easy-to-understand menu system, as well as an outstanding service package, free of charge, providing efficient added-value services. This powerful package is known collectively as the DigiButler Service, providing really useful comfort features to viewers. For instance, the AutoInstall installation assistant provides automated procedures making initial installation of the television set particularly easy, while the electronic programme information service "ePID" is regularly updated, providing an excellent programme guide and preview. Finally, the TechiMatic software updating service ensures you always have the latest version of the operating software installed in your TV set.

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Firmware für HDTV 40 Plus (

- Vorbereitet für den Empfang von HD+ über Legacy-Modul (dem CI-Modul von HD+)
- Formatanpassung bei VOX, 19.10.2011, 3.95 MB


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