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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

Base unit BS4 Professional

( 0000/5960, 0001/5960 )

SAT-Cable Head Station Solution

The TechniNet BS4 Professional is a basis unit for eight TWIN cassettes for professional use. A wide range of applications is possible with this head station, thanks to the eight slots for eight TWIN cassettes, the professional power supply with safety-related features and numerous connection options. An integrated 4/16 multi-switch saves on elaborate cabling inside the basis unit and allows the cards unrestricted access to all four IF levels. Additional separate IF inputs and COFDM inputs (DVB-T) make this system totally flexible. Of course, the system has inputs and outputs for SAT IF signals, so that they can be relayed from basis unit to basis unit in cascade mode.

Operational safety is also very important here. A high-end switching power supply with continuous ventilation ensures sufficient power, while preventing high temperatures and high current loads. Three additional heat-activated exhaust fans are installed in the basis unit. The fans can always deal with any heat build-up caused by the cards and also draw the air out. The basis unit can be controlled using the programming remote control via cable connection. Programming can also be carried out using a laptop via the ethernet connection. At a future date, it will also be possible to use software for remote maintenance of the basis unit. The basis unit is easy to service because the cards can be easily inserted and connected, and the power supply unit can be replaced at any time using a slide-in compartment. The basis unit can be secured against unauthorised access at any time using its locking front cover.

The wall mounting hardware supplied makes it possible to:

1. Mount the basis unit on a wall
2. Mount the basis unit in a 19" rack

General characteristics
Digital head station with eight slots for eight TWIN cards
Four high-value SAT inputs with 14/18 volts, 0/22 kHz adjustable
Cascadable basis unit with loop-through outputs to a second basis unit
Input for COFDM signals
Basis unit with integrated 4/16 multi-switch system for distributing the IF levels to the converter cards

High-quality, efficient switching power supply with temperature controller and fan
Programming via cable remote control or computer interface
2 ethernet connections
Lockable front cover
Can be mounted on a wall or in a 19" rack
Separate, additional SAT inputs
Heat-activated exhaust fans

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