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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/4720, 0320/4720, 0050/4720 )

With the digital HDTV hard drive receiver DigiCorder HD S2 you can experience television in a different dimension. In addition to the television and radio programmes provided by conventional television providers, the DigiCorder HD S2 also allows you to receive the brilliant audio-visual world of high-definition television (HDTV). HDTV provides television enjoyment at a quality level hitherto unknown. The pictures are crystal clear, showing more detail, colours are richer and contours sharper. Sound quality is exceptionally high, providing an excellent, room-filling audio experience. Outstanding specifications In addition to its ability to handle HDTV, the DigiCorder HD S2 comes equipped with an HDMI, an Ethernet and a USB 2.0 interface. In addition, it features two CI slots (Common Interface) as well as two card readers that are linked to the integrated CONAX decoding system, thus providing a wide range of decoding options. This means the DigiCorder HD S2 is optimally prepared for any future developments in compression and encryption standards. Wide range of options The smooth-running, high-performance hard drive allows you to easily record programmes, and to view them later, just as easily. Selected programmes can be recorded with a single keystroke. Naturally, the DigiCorder HD S2 also supports the option of time-shifted viewing. In addition, the integrated TWIN tuner allows you to record a programme, while simultaneously viewing another programme on the screen Teletext and other programme-related information The DigiCorder HD S2 comes equipped with a 800-page memory for Teletext. This memory facilitates quick access to and display of information. Programme-related information is displayed via the 16-digit vacuum fluorescence display (VF display) on the elegant front panel of the receiver. Operation In addition to being controlled via the remote control, the DigiCorder HD S2 can also be operated via a round operating field on the front panel of the receiver. The user-friendly on-screen menu (OSD) is available in 14 languages.

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Software (

Allgemeine Verbesserungen, 19.09.2012, 2.45 MB

Software für DigiCorder HD S2 (


Release Notes:
- Anpassungen hinsichtlich ruckelnder Aufnahmen von HD-Programmen des ZDF
- Verbesserung bei Regionalumschaltung
- Optimierung der Umschaltung zwischen Radio- und TV-Programmen, 22.08.2012, 2.47 MB


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