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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

TechniTwin ISIO 65

( 5565/9410 )

With its 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160 pixels) the TechniTwin ISIO, available in the sizes 42", 50", 55" and 65", represents four times more pixel compared to the classic full HD. Ultra HD pictures in a qualitity you have never seen before providing the most spectacular and breathtaking viewing experience at all. In addition to the fantastic image quality, the TechniTwin ISIO shows outstanding reception quality. The integrated Quattro Tuner Twin not only ensures excellent TV reception via satellite, digital cable, DVB-T and internet.It also allows real time-shifted television and records of programms while watching another programm simultaneously (DVRready). The UHD-TV focuses on total networking: Via WIFI the TechniTwin ISIO can be integrated into a home network where it simultaneously acts as a server via UPnP/DLNA. Once the receiver is connected to the internet, the ISIO-Smart-TV reveals the full range of functions within the integrated ISIO technology: Websites, media centre, Video-on-Demand, HbbTV or Apps - the TechniTwin ISIO can handle all facets of internet and becomes seamlessly a part of your existing home network and use of internet. Via "MyTechniSat-App" the device can easily be controlled via smartphone or tablet, it can be programmed from on the way or used for the streaming of videos.

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Software for TechniTwin ISIO 55/65 ( )

Release Notes:
- Support SatCR II
- 13 ° East, test modified transponder
- General improvements, 11.10.2016, 44.76 MB

Software für TechniTwin ISIO 55 / 65 (

Release Notes:
- Optimierung Automatische nachträgliche Entschlüsselung
- Verbesserungen Bewegungskompensation im 3D Betrieb, Lautstärke PVR-Wiedergabe
- Anpassungen für Nutzung mit TechniRouter Mini
-Allgemeine Verbesserungen , 31.03.2015, 42.86 MB


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