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TechniSat: TechniTwin ISIO 65 - Downloads and Information - Service | EN

Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information
TechniTwin ISIO 65

TechniTwin ISIO 65

( 5565/9410 )

3D ISIO-Smart-TV with 4K Ultra-HD resolution, Quattro-Tuner Twin, WIFI functionality and control via MyTechniSat-App

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You are free to install the software updates provided by us (TechniSat). However, we (TechniSat) would like to explicitly point out that we (TechniSat) shall not be liable for material defects which are solely caused by the fact that the update, the availability of which we have (TechniSat has) informed you about, has not been installed by you within a reasonable period of time although we have (TechniSat has) provided you with faultless installation instructions.

Software für TechniTwin ISIO 55 / 65 (

Release Notes:
- Optimierung Automatische nachträgliche Entschlüsselung
- Verbesserungen Bewegungskompensation im 3D Betrieb, Lautstärke PVR-Wiedergabe
- Anpassungen für Nutzung mit TechniRouter Mini
-Allgemeine Verbesserungen , 31.03.2015, 42.86 MB

Software for TechniTwin ISIO 55/65 ( )

Release Notes:
- Support SatCR II
- 13 ° East, test modified transponder
- General improvements, 11.10.2016, 44.76 MB


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