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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/3299 )

TechniSelect 12 permits to choose any 12 transponders from 4 Sat IF banks (e.g. all banks of one orbital position) and combine them for distribution over a single cable. Therewith classic TV cabling infrastructure as often encountered in residential blocks or hotels can easily be converted to, or extended by, digital satellite TV (of course in HD, too). A very large number of subscribers can thus be catered for via a single shared cable DTV and FM stereo can be
distributed as well.
Recommended are TechniSat receivers that come with suitable predefined setup. Nevertheless, in principal any STB or TV suitable for digital Sat can be configured accordingly. Antenna outlets for Sat TV with integrated DC separation diodes have to be used. TechniSelect12 is factory preset for the most popular Astra 19° East programmes. This preselection, however, may easily be modified via USB port using a laptop.

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Kanalbelegung (12.10.2019)

TECHNISELECT 12 (Programmierung), 27.02.2020, 0.08 MB

TechniSelect Configuration Tool (1.20)

TechniSelect 12, 18.03.2013, 5.37 MB


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