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TechniSat: DIGITRADIO Car 1 - Downloads and Information - Service | EN

Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/3912 )

Spoil yourself with an entertainment upgrade for your car: the DIGITRADIO Car 1 is the perfect choice for upgrading your car radio with DAB+ radio reception. The device uses an FM transmitter to transmit the signals received via DAB+ via to a FM frequency selected by you on the car radio. Alternatively, connect the DIGITRADIO Car 1 to the AUX IN on the car radio.

Apart from radio in digital sound quality, the DIGITRADIO Car 1 also receives music via Bluetooth, from a Micro SD card or from external audio devices via a cable connection. At the same time, the compact receiver offers a hands-free function.

The device includes a magnet on the back for in-car installation. The counterpieces for this magnet can be found both on the USB charging adapter supplied for the cigarette lighter, and on the special clamp bracket which you can, for example, fit in the ventilation grille on the dashboard. You can decide where the best place is to fit and operate the DIGITRADIO Car 1.

The USB charging adapter also has two USB outputs: one for supplying the DIGITRADIO Car 1 with power, and another which can be used for charging a smartphone, for example.

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Instruction manual (V2.0)

Instruction manual DIGITRADIO Car 1, 11.05.2020, 0.92 MB


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