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Professional hand spooler device for our coaxial cables, made of stainless steel and ergonomically designed - hereby excellent balanced.
suitable for 100 m reels:
► COAXSAT 140-4.6
► COAXSAT 120-4.6

Technical Data

Article information

2.75 kg
25.00 x 39.40 x 37.00 cm

Top features

Sturdy design for everyday use
Stainless steel frame, safety against corrosion
Gravity brake prevents overrun of the cable
Cable routing prevents cable tangling
Non-slip feet - unit is secured against slipping

Scope of Delivery



Additional products

COAXSAT 120-4.6, m 100eel

COAXSAT 120-4.6, m 100eel

Premium tripple screened RG6 coaxial cable , 120 dB screening

COAXSAT 140-4.6, m 100eel

COAXSAT 140-4.6, m 100eel

High-end quadruple screened RG6 coaxial cable with 140 dB screening

COAXSAT 115-3.6, m 100eel

COAXSAT 115-3.6, m 100eel

High-end 3-way shielded RG6 coaxial cable , 120 dB screening