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0000/3943 - schwarz
Nowadays cable network radio is nearly all digital, resulting in excellent sound quality. The previous (analog) FM radio signal is usually not transmitted anymore. With the CABLESTAR 400 you can now receive unencrypted, digital radio programs via cable. And you can save up to 20 of your favorite stations. The CABLESTAR 400 was developed in Dresden. The stereo radio is manufactured in Schöneck / Vogtland. This impressive device has a 2 x 10 W audio system, which was developed together with the German sound specialists at ELAC. Enjoy the perfect sound. Regardless of where you are in the room, the CABLESTAR 400 delivers a balanced sound that can be adjusted to your own personal sound preferences using the equalizer. The knobs on the high-quality aluminum front and the sharp OLED display with radio text display make for easy, intuitive operation. Radio text offers additional information, such as the name of the program, the currently playing song or the artist.
Digitales KabelRadio
Digitales KabelRadio


In addition to channel and other programme information, you can also see the time on the integrated display. The time information is automatically transmitted electronically along with the channels being received, so it is automatically set accurately.

CABLESTAR 400(Szene)

Technical Data

Article information

3.95 kg
3.05 kg
38.00 x 13.50 x 18.00 cm
48.00 x 18.50 x 21.50 cm

Ambient operating conditions

5 - 90 % relative air humidity (non-condensing)
5 - 35 °C

Bluetooth Version & Profile





MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 layer I, II




Yes (mit Resume-Funktion)




20 W (RMS)
2 x 10 W

Network & communication


Other features

English, German, French, Italian

Power supply

230 V
50 Hz
DC 12V / 3000 mA

Radio / reception

DAB / FM telescopic antenna (replaceable)

Radio type



Digital cable
DVB radio

Tuner - Cable

50 ... 858 MHz
64 / 256 QAM
2 ... 7 Mbaud
Reed-Solomon (204, 188)
All technical data