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Active 2-way tap 4/2A

0001/3243 - silver
2-year guarantee
Made in Germany
Active 2-way tap 4/2A
Active 2-way tap 4/2A
This module, which is unrivaled in its kind, makes it possible to branch off the signals from a distribution trunk twice and feed them to downstream sub-distributions.
The trunk line has an attenuation of onlY 1 dB. The branches are tilt equalized and have a gain of 5 dB. The active 2-waY branch 4/2A can be cascaded up to 6 times in order to provide signals for downstream sub-distributions, e.g. when distributing signals to the floors of a high-rise building or to the houses in a row of houses.
This component can be combined with all 5/8 switches as well as with the TechniRouters 5/1x8 and 5/2x4!

Technical Data

Article information


Ambient operating conditions

-25 ... 55 °C


3 ... 6 dB fest


45 dB
60 dB

General characteristics

Power supply

typ. 130 mA @15V

Reception range

950 ... 2.150 MHz

Technical data


Transmission loss

0,6 ... 1 dB

Scope of Delivery

Active 2-way tap 4/2A, instruction manual