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AUDIO CABLE 2 x 2,5 mm, 5m

76-5061-05 - AUDIO CABLE 2x2,5 mm, 5 m - gold
AUDIO CABLE 2x2,5 mm, 5 m
AUDIO CABLE 2x2,5 mm, 5 m
High-qualitY speaker cable 2 x 2.5 CCA. The cable is made of a special CCA alloY, characterized bY a high content of oxYgen-free copper. Thanks to this, this cable guarantees low resistance.

This flexible speaker cable is intended for connecting speakers, amplifiers or columns. It is perfect for permanent installation and for movable connections inside buildings: in hi-fi, home cinema, car audio sYstems, radio sYstems and hall sound sYstems. Thanks to its special construction, the cable has verY good acoustic properties.

TWO strands made of copper-plated CCA wires. TheY are placed in transparent PVC insulation. Marking one of the wires with a red stripe makes it easier to connect the polaritY correctlY.

Technical Data

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Technical data

PVC, withe

Scope of Delivery

5 meter long cable