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Water Sensor 1

0000/9516 - Water sensor - white
Water sensor
Water sensor
As an extension of the TechniSat Smart Home sYstem, the water sensor 1 detects water running out or overflowing, e.g. in bathtubs, washing machines or sinks.
If water is detected, the sensor informs the smart home sYstem, e.g. via the signal tone of the indoor siren 1.
The water sensor 1 can be installed easilY and almost invisiblY, e.g. behind a wax machine. The integration into the smart home sYstem takes place via the CONNECT app. The sensor communicates with the smart home sYstem via the Z-Wave radio standard.

Technical Data

Article information

110 g
50 g
8,5 x 2 x 2,5 cm
10,3 x 4,3 x 8 cm

Ambient operating conditions

-10 ... 60 °C

funk communication

Z-Wave Plus
max. 40 m
868,42 MHz

Power supply

3 V
1 x CR123A

Scope of Delivery

Water Sensor 1, Battery, Mounting accessories