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0000/2990 - anthracite/silver
Cleaning the house every week is no fun, but unfortunately it has to be done. With the VIOLA VC6, we make this chore easier and more pleasurable for you. This cordless vacuum cleaner features a brushless motor for improved performance and higher efficiency, with less battery consumption and wear. This means you can get the chore of vacuuming done quickly and easily, and you can also count on up to 60 minutes of suction power when you need it. You can always see the battery indicator on the touch display. The suction power is supported by the wide main brush, which rotates at 8,000 revolutions per minute. And its LED light gives you a clear view, even in the darkest corners.

In addition to the main brush, the package also includes a crevice tool and a 2-in-1 nozzle. You can store the cordless vacuum cleaner as well as the two nozzles in the wall bracket with charging function to save space.

The VIOLA VC6 is ideal for cleaning enthusiasts as well as allergy sufferers. This is because it has a HEPA13 filter, which means that it filters 99.95 percent of particles from the air. Two HEPA13 filters are included in the scope of delivery itself. Despite its powerful performance, the VIOLA VC6 is particularly light and easy to handle. The handheld device weighs just 1.4 kilos and fits perfectly in the hand, providing a pleasant cleaning experience that might even be enjoyable.

Durable, brushless motor with extra powerful suction power

Thanks to its motor, the VIOLA VC6 effortlessly sucks up small and large dirt with a speed of 120,000 rpm. In this way you can remove mishaps in the kitchen or the traces of the last movie night in no time - regardless of the type of floor. The exchangeable battery ensures a running time of up to 60 minutes.

25,000 Pa suction power

25,000 Pa suction power

120,000 r / min engine

120,000 r / min engine

Exzellente Luftqualität für den Akkusauger durch den HEPA 13 Filter

Excellent air quality

The exchangeable HEPA 13 filter with its efficiency of 99.95% ensures particularly hygienic cleaning.

Because, as its name suggests, it filters almost all particles out of the air. The abbreviation HEPA stands for "High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter", which means something like highly efficient particle filter. Even the smallest particles such as pollen are absorbed by the filter, which is a great advantage, especially for allergy sufferers.

Suitable for all floors

Suitable for all floors

Tiles as well as real wood, vinyl or carpeting can be cleaned without any problems. The wide main brush of the vacuum cleaner catches the smallest dirt in carpets as well as coarse dirt on tiles.

A real all-rounder

The VIOLA VC6 can be used universally thanks to the wide range of accessories. It can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner in no time at all. The attachments included in the scope of delivery can be used directly on the handheld vacuum cleaner as well as on the vacuum cleaner as such.

Die Fugendüse für den Akkusauger reinigt Sofa

Dirt in crevices is a thing of the past

With the crevice nozzle, you can thoroughly clean every chink, no matter how small. This tip is also perfect for removing dirt or dust on narrow surfaces, such as baseboards.

Der Multifunktionsaufsatz für den Kabellosen Sauger nimmt Haferflocken und Staub auf

Multifunctional tip

Whether it's dust, muesli scraps or crumbs on the couch - the 2-in-1 nozzle effortlessly picks up all kinds of dirt. It also works well on long pile carpets and upholstered furniture.

Akku-Staubsauger mit LED-Beleuchtung
Akku Staubsauger mit Touchdisplay

Convenient operation

Depending on the degree of soiling, you can choose between the three power levels Eco, Normal and Turbo via the stylish touch display. Alternatively, the automatic mode, which can also be selected via the touch display, ensures that cleaning is as efficient as possible. Because in this mode the VIOLA VC6 decides for itself which suction power it needs and thus saves battery capacity.

Bagless dust container

Annoying changing of vacuum cleaner bags is a thing of the past! Because the VIOLA VC6 works without a bag. The dust container only needs to be emptied simply and easily after the cleaning process.

Not only works well, it also looks good

With its elegant design, the VIOLA VC6 is a real eye-catcher in the living room or dining room. It can be placed flexibly in the room either in the stand or on a wall in the wall bracket. Both variants have a charging function.

Lieferumfang mit allen Zubehör Teilen für den Akku-Staubsauger

Scope of delivery

In addition to the VIOLA VC6, the set includes:

  • 2x HEPA 13 filters
  • Crevice nozzle
  • 2in1 nozzle
  • Wall bracket
  • Quick start guide
  • Power adapter

Technical Data

Article information

4,05 kg
2,2 kg
25,7 x 110 x 24,5 cm
68 x 15 x 28,5 cm

Cleaning characteristics

up to 300 W
up to 25.000 Pa
Eco, normal, turbo and automatic mode
HEPA 13 (>99.95%)
0,8 l
60 - 78 dB
210 mm
8.000 r/min
120.000 r/min

Ambient operating conditions

15 - 35 °C
40 - 60 %

Power supply

up to 60 min per battery charge
up to 360 min
Lithium ions with 28.8 V, 2.500 mAh and 72 Wh
220 - 240 V
300 W
50 / 60 Hz
DC 36 V / 0,5 A / 18 W



Scope of Delivery

VIOLA VC6, quick-start manual, mains adapter, wall bracket, 2x HEPA 13 filters, crevice tool, 2-in-1 nozzle