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TechniVolt Stand 1

0000/6446 - Stand for TECHNIVOLT 100 / 101 - black
Stand for TECHNIVOLT 100 / 101
Stand for TECHNIVOLT 100 / 101
The TechniVolt stand 1 is made of metal and is suitable for mounting either one or two charging stations (model type TECHNIVOLT 100 or 101) simultaneously, mounting material included. The free-standing positioning of the charging station(s) is visually appealing, flexible in terms of location and, above all, does not require the drilling of holes, e.g. in the wall of the house.

Technical Data

Article information

17.1 kg
14.3 kg
20.30 x 115.30 x 16.40 cm
27.50 x 24.50 x 138.00 cm

General characteristics


Scope of Delivery

Stand, 2x adapter plate for wallbox including matching screws, screws for fastening to the foundation


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