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TechniLAN M500

500 MBit/s modem
TechniLAN M500, 500 MBit/s modem
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TechniLAN M500, 500 MBit/s modem

Technical Data

Article information

248 g
282 g
13.50 x 4.80 x 12.00 cm
8.00 x 9.50 x 4.10 cm


2 (1 x TV / 1 x Radio)

Connector type

IEC female (IEC 61169-2)
IEC male (IEC 61169-2)
F female (IEC 61169-24)


10 75 %
5 35 °C

General characteristics

500 Mbit/s data rate according to the IEEE 1901 standard
RJ45 network connector
Connection for TV, Radio and TV
Energy saving on Standby
Compatible with TechniLAN 200 Mbit/s socket
500 Mbit/s (nach IEEE 1901 Standard)
Ethernet <-> Coaxial cable
min. 500 m over coaxial cable

Power consumption

0.6 W typisch
2 W max.

Power supply

Typ. 13 V DC

Additional products

TechniSwitch 5/8 mini LAN

TechniSwitch 5/8 mini LAN

Compact multiswitch for distribution of 4 IF levels and terrestrial signals for 8 participants. Including TechniLAN support to distribute Internet and other network services over the existing satellite wiring

TechniLAN 8/8 Passive

TechniLAN 8/8 Passive

Coax home network channelling-in diverter for 8 subscribers