TechniCrypt »CX CSP«


TechniCrypt »CX CSP«
0000/4570 - TechniCrypt »CX CSP«
Conax decoding module

CI module for receivers with common interface (CI slot) for decryption of encoded data (ie, program content, such as pay TV or pay-radio).

The common interface technology enables the use of various CI modules, creating the condition for the simple and individual use of different access systems. Receiver with Common Interface are therefore very flexible and above all sustainable.

The right to use the (of the respective CI module) provided decryption procedure is demonstrated on a smart card (authentication). A smart card is thus essential for the final decryption of data sent

Technical Data

Article information

EAN 4019588045705
Item no. 0000/4570

Ready for reception

BasisHD via Kabelkiosk   

Decryption system

Conax CSP   

General characteristics

Top features Conax CAM
Top features CI+
Top features Support of chipset pairing (CSP)

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

TechniCrypt »CX CSP« Modul