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The TechniRouter SCR is the ideal device for testing and monitoring EN 50494 protocols in existing TechniRouter cable structures. It can be interconnected into the existing cable network instead of a satellite through socket, allowing you to check the data transfer between the receivers and TechniRouters. This unique tester can, of course, also be installed between a receiver and socket in order to check that the receiver is functioning correctly when transmitting EN protocols or to check the standard measurements such as 18 or 13V, 22kHz, or DISEqC 1.0. Displaying the appropriate user band allows you to monitor how many and which subscribers are being operated in a connected system. You can check whether subscribers are currently in installation mode (SCR setup), whether channels are being changed (zapping), whether subscribers are offline or online, and whether the PIN code function is active in this cable system. The TechniRouter SCR Tester is currently the only checking device and tester for the EN 50494 protocol range.

Technical Data

Article information

60 g
6.20 x 5.50 x 2.20 cm

13 V display

11.5 ... 15 V

18 V display

15.5 ... 20 V

22 kHz display

18 ... 26 kHz
650 mVSS (± 250)

Recognition of SatCR and DiSEqC commands

18 ... 26 kHz
650 mVSS (± 250)

Technical data

max. 25 mA
DIN EN 50494 (auch bezeichnet als SatCR, SCR, UnicableTM, OLTTM. CSS, SCD), DiSEqC 1.2

Scope of Delivery

TechniRouter SCR tester in a high-quality storage boxes, Manual