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The TECHNIPOLAR 2 S is a mobile air conditioning system that helps you cool your rooms in summer. As an air conditioner, the TECHNIPOLAR 2 provides a powerful cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU per hour for quick and pleasant cooling in rooms up to 25 m². Thanks to the three fan levels, the sleep mode and the timer function, you always have the perfect room temperature in your garden shed, mobile home, winter garden, office or bedroom. The sleep mode in particular is extremely practical and gives you a peaceful sleep on hot summer nights. In this mode, the TECHNIPOLAR 2 gradually reduces its output until it switches itself off completely. However, if you don't like to freeze and instead just want to spray a light breeze, simply switch to the fan function.

The dehumidification function is particularly useful in winter, when less ventilation or even laundry is being dried in the apartment. But the dehumidification function also helps to ensure a pleasant room climate in hot and humid summer. Because the system is on castors, you can move it quickly from room to room so that there is a pleasant and healthy room climate everywhere.

The TECHNIPOLAR 2, like any other household appliance, is particularly easy to operate and to use. Plug in, exhaust hose out and you can set your desired temperature at any time of the year at the push of a button. A window seal for all common windows or doors is included in the scope of delivery.

Thanks to the use of the natural refrigerant R290, the TECHNIPOLAR 2 also makes a contribution to environmental protection because it has a low global warming potential (GWP 3) and no ozone depletion potential (ODP 0) and does not have to be replaced or topped up again and again. Air conditioning for an environmentally conscious quality of life. The air conditioner contains fluorinated greenhouse gases in hermetically sealed devices. Along with R600a, R290 is one of the only hydrocarbon-based refrigerants that can be used safely in household appliances, as they meet the applicable safety requirements according to IEC 60335-2-89.

Technical Data

Article information

33,2 kg
26,9 kg
44 x 69,5 x 32,5 cm
48,5 x 88,7 x 33 cm


0,48 W
- W

Cooling / heating characteristics

9.000 Btu/h
2,6 kW
Cooling, fan, dehumidifier, timer
18 - 32 °C
Bis zu 25 m² (65m³)
26 l/d
230 - 290 m³/h
53 - 65 dB
R290 (205g)
1 kW·h (4,35 A)
2,6 (Refrigeration factor)
1,2 MPa
2,3 MPa
1,5 m
15 cm

Power and energy consumption (EU) 626/2011


Ambient operating conditions

X 0


7 segments, 2 digits

General characteristics

1,5 m

Power consumption

0,48 W

Power supply

1.200 W
50 Hz
220 ... 240 V


All technical data

Scope of Delivery

Mobile air conditioning unit, operating instructions, remote control, exhaust air and condensate hose, window seal for standard casement windows (circumferential length 400 cm, width 40 cm)