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Smoke Detector 2

0000/9520 - white
Smoke Detector 2
Smoke Detector 2
The Smoke Detector 2 senses smoke. Gases, heat or flames may not be detected by the Smoke Detector 2. During the smoke emission a loud acoustic signal will immediately be initiated, at the same time a red signal light diode will flash. The smoke alarm is intended to be used in private houses. The integration of the Smart-Home house control system allows provoking a certain alarm scenario, for example switching on all installed lights so that you can leave your house quick and safely.

Technical Data

Article information

212 g
196 g
10 x 4 x 10 cm
12 x 5 x 12 cm

Ambient operating conditions

0 ... 55 °C
10 ... 95 %

funk communication

Z-Wave Plus
max. 40 m
86.842 MHz

Other features


Power supply

9 V
1 x 9 Volt (E-Block)



Scope of Delivery

Smoke detector 2, mounting plate, 9V lithium battery, Operating instructions