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76-4837-00 - Schwarz
Universal, omnidirectional active antenna designed to receive DVB-T and DVB-T2 digital TV programs, as well as DAB+ and FM radio. Small dimensions and weight allow You to mount the antenna in various places. Hermetic housing enables reliable operation in a moderate climate. The antenna is powered bY a 12V/200mA power adapter. A low-noise signal amplifier is also included.
DVB-T2 ready

DVB-T2 ready

DVB-T2 stands for the terrestrial distribution of digital TV, radio and data signals and it’s the following standard of DVB-T. Switching to this new transmission standard for terrestrial TV already starts in 2016. Among other things, DVB-T2 offers a considerably better quality of the broadcasted programs and it has a much more stable reception signal. Due to DVB-T2 the reception of brilliant HDTV via antenna is finally possible.


DAB + digital radio with great sound quality.

Noise-free radio in perfect digital quality, with extremely robust reception - that's DAB+ digital radio. DAB+ overcomes the regionally limited array of FM stations, by offering more than a dozen radio stations broadcasted nationwide, in optimal digital quality. There are also numerous national and regional broadcasters extending their radio offerings with additional channels. Tedious searching and tuning of radio stations are also things of the past. All you do is select the name of the station you want - TechniSat DAB+ digital radios display a list of all the digital radio channels you can receive.



HDTV stands for High Definition Television, thus for outstanding picture quality. With HDTV, pictures can be displayed in much greater detail and with much finer gradations. Contrast and contours are more precise and colours truer to their originals. Furthermore, the wide screen format on HDTV broadcasts corresponds much better to human visual perception. So it creates a more vivid impression overall.

Weather resistant

Weather resistant

Whether on the roof, on the balconY or in the garden: the antenna is extremelY weatherproof. A special design designed to protect it from wind, snow and rain. Our antennas are durable, weatherproof and completelY rustproof.

Technical Data

Article information

1,55 kg
850 g
35 x 18 x 29 cm
31 x 14 x 30 cm

Reception range

174 230 MHz
470 ... 694 MHz

Technical data

32 dB
F connector
75 Ω

Scope of Delivery

Omnidirectional antenna, arm for mast or wall mounting, mast clamp, antenna cable (10 meters) with prepared connectors, 12V/200mA power supplY, signal amplifier, user manual.