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The SkyStar USB 2 is an external satellite receiver for PC and laptop. The compact box equipped with a USB-2.0 interface makes possible the reception of unencrypted television and radio programmes.

The SkyStar USB 2 provides you with convenience and total TV and radio enjoyment. The box is equipped with a powerful and easily operated reception and playback tool (TechniSat DVB-Viewer), a first-class Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and numerous further attractive features.

Using the DVR function it is childs play to record TV and radio programmes and, for instance, by using the timeshift procedure, to play them back with a time delay.

All-in-all the SkyStar USB 2 provides you with the functional range and convenience of a full-scale hard disk receiver.

Thanks to the newly developed drivers the SkyStar USB 2 can also be used with Windows Vista easy as pie!



Electronic programme information service



An integrated digital video recorder (DVR) enables you to record digital TV and radio programmes without loss of quality. Besides recording and playing back TV and radio programmes, digital technology enables use of a wide range of additional handy features such as time-shifted television (Timeshift).



This receiver is compatible with all TechniRouter products. It supports SCR technology with the extended DiSEqC protocol as per European standard EN 50494. SCR (Satellite Channel Routing) is a technology that is used to transmit multiple satellite channels to a specified receiver at a unique frequency in a single cable system.

Technical Data

Article information

700 g
200 g
16.00 x 3.50 x 11.00 cm
17.50 x 11.50 x 14.00 cm



Operating System


System requirements (minimum requirements)

Pentium III
0.7 GHz
30 MB
10 GigaByte
3D graphics card
1x USB 2.0
9 or higher