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SKYRIDER 65 Single

SKYRIDER 65 Single
SKYRIDER 65 Single
The camping boom is in full swing. More and more people are on the road in their own camper van criss-crossing Germany, Europe, sometimes even the globe. When people are on the road in their camper van for a lengthy time or they have made their camper their permanent home, the question arises: How can I receive my favourite TV and radio channels in my camper van? Our answer: With the SKYRIDER 65, a satellite receiver specially designed for use in camper vans and mobile homes, which guarantees the greatest possible TV and radio variety while on the go via satellite. The heart of the SKYRIDER 65 is the controller unit, a small box that you place inside your camper van. The unit is connected to the satellite antenna on the roof and, at the other end, the controller is connected to a receiver such as a satellite receiver or television. With the SKYRIDER 65 version with a single LNB, you can feed satellite signals to a single receiver/television, whereas with the twin LNB version, it is possible to feed two receivers/televisions at the same time. And all fully automatically. When you park up your camper van, satellite reception can be easily activated via the controller unit. The satellite antenna extends at the touch of a button. But only when the vehicle is parked up of course. When you're driving, the antenna remains folded up on the roof, protected against wind and low-lying bridges. By coupling it to the ignition of the camper van, you can be sure that the antenna does not straighten up while you're driving. Once the antenna is in the upright position, it will automatically start to align with the position of the desired satellite. Alignment takes three minutes at most - after that you will receive crisp, clear TV and radio channels. The controller unit is preset to receive ASTRA 19.2. This satellite allows you to receive the majority of well-known German-language TV channels. There are 10 pre-programmed satellites for receiving channels from abroad. Installing the SKYRIDER 65 is so simple. The SKYRIDER set contains a 65 cm high quality SATMAN 65 satellite antenna made of powder-coated aluminum, which sits on a motorised mount. The bracket can be mounted directly onto the roof of your camper. To do so, first apply a carrier plate to the roof using an industrial adhesive. The satellite antenna is securely fastened onto this carrier plate together with the bracket. Next the power supply for the motorised antenna is set up using the camper van's ignition and the satellite cable is routed from the LNB of the antenna to the controller unit inside the camper van - and the basic installation of the SKYRIDER 65 is all done.
Ultra-HD compatible

Ultra-HD compatible

Suitable for receiving Ultra HD/4K television



HDTV stands for High Definition Television, thus for outstanding picture quality. With HDTV, pictures can be displayed in much greater detail and with much finer gradations. Contrast and contours are more precise and colours truer to their originals. Furthermore, the wide screen format on HDTV broadcasts corresponds much better to human visual perception. So it creates a more vivid impression overall.



The TV can be operated using both 230V to the normal mains and a 12V power supply system e.g. for a vehicle. Hence it is suitable for mobile use e.g. when camping.

1 subscriber

1 subscriber

Weather resistant

Weather resistant

Whether on the roof, on the balconY or in the garden: the antenna is extremelY weatherproof. A special design designed to protect it from wind, snow and rain. Our antennas are durable, weatherproof and completelY rustproof.

Technical Data

Article information

yellow with Smiley
20,25 kg
13,55 kg
67 x 18,5 x 98 cm
98,5 x 71,8 x 42,9 cm

Ambient operating conditions

X 6
-20 ... 60 °C

Local oscillator

9,75 GHz
10,6 GHz

LNB control

1.0 / 1.1
10,5 ~ 14,5 V
15,5 ~ 21 V

Dimensions / Weight

980 mm
175 mm

General characteristics



130 km/h
Bis zu 180 s (typisch)

Input frequency range

10,7 - 11,7 GHz
11,7 - 12,75 GHz

Noise factor

typ. 0,7 dB

Output frequency range

950 - 1.950 MHz
1.100 - 2.150 MHz

Power consumption

50 W / 4 A max. (während der Satellitensuche)

Power supply

DC 12 V
170 mA (LNB)
50 W / 4,2 A max.

Prepared for


Technical data

27 ° (EL 0 ~ 145° / AZ 390°)
35,7 dBi
55 ... 65 dB
F socket
-90 bis 90 °
All technical data

Scope of Delivery

Automatic control unit for the SKYRIDER 65, twin LNB, assembly instructions, mounting plate, controller, remote control, 2 x f-type SAT cable, 12 volt adapter cable, roof gasket