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CableStar HD 2
3-year guarantee

CableStar HD 2

The CableStar HD 2 is an HDTV PCI card for receiving digital cable on your PC

EANColourItem no.Weight (Box)WeightDevice (W x H x D)Box
4019588498372silver4098/3733700 g100 g12.00 x 1.70 x 12.70 cm14.00 x 11.00 x 16.50 cm
Scope of Delivery
CableStar HD 2 <br/>CI slot (for connecting decryption modules) <br/>IR receiver (2.5 mm plug socket) <br/>Remote control including batteries <br/>Installation CD <br/>TE2 DVBViewer EVE v2 video editing software <br/>BDA driver <br/>
TechniSat Digital GmbH