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Plug Adapter 3

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Plug Adapter 3
Plug Adapter 3
Plug Adapter 3 is a switchable plug adapter for controlling electronic devices with your smartphone or tablet via the Smart-Home control system. The Plug Adapter 3 is installed between a wall socket and a wired electric load. It’s able to operate loads of 3,000 W and it’s additionally able to measure the electronical power of the device in use. Loads over 3,000 W occur the deactivation of the device by the Plug Adapter 3. By pulling out the connected electronic load the plug adapter will be reset to the normal state. This device is certified with the protection class IP20 and is only to be used in dry indoor rooms. Switching happens wirelessly via radio command or by pushing a button on the device.
The Plug Adapter 3 possesses a repeater function. The repeater is an amplifier which helps crossing long distances and integrating devices to the Smart-Home System which are based far away from the central unit.

Technical Data

Article information

188 g
106 g
5 x 7,5 x 7,5 cm
9 x 8,5 x 13 cm

Ambient operating conditions

10 ... 75 %
0 ... 40 °C

funk communication

Z-Wave Plus
max. 40 m
868,4 MHz

Power supply

50 Hz
230 V


3.000 W
max. 13 A (überlastgeschützt)
1 Watt Auflösung

Scope of Delivery

Plug Adapter 3, Operating instructions