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Meltblown Made in Germany - Request a quotation

Made in Germany

Melt blown fabric from Germany.

Manufactured in Eifel.

Melt blown fabric is a basic material for mask production, is essential for filtering pollutants from the air, and must meet high quality standards.

At TechniSat we use melt blown fabric for the production of certified mouth and nose protective masks.

Our range of masks

Are you looking for a reliable, long-term partner for the supply of fabric for masks, or do you currently have a bottleneck in the procurement of your melt blown fabric? If so, you’ve come to exactly the right place. Because we can supply you with high-quality and tested melt blown fabric on a square meter basis goods for your mask production. Please contact us.

TechniForm Logo
TechniForm Logo

Who produces melt blown fabric?

Melt blown fabric is produced in Nerdlen/Eifel by TechniForm GmbH which, like TechniSat, belongs to Techniropa Holding GmbH. Techniform is a company with more than ten years of expertiseas a plastics expert. Regular quality controls are carried out during the production of melt blown fabric. Grammage, air permeability and filter effect, as well as the melt blown facilities, are constantly being put to the test in orderto guarantee top-quality, "Made in Germany" products.

Melt blown fabric samples available

We would be pleased to send you a melt blown fabric sample, along with its test report.

Request a sample

Gefördert durch Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie
Alexandra Dahm

Your contact:

Annika Kremser

+49 (0) 6592/712-1340
(Mo.-Fr., 08:00-17:00 Uhr)

Request a quotation
  • Quotations are always square meter-based
  • Quotations subject to prior sale

Available melt blown products

Our melt blown fabric is available as standard in two roll widths as fabric metre goods. Melt blown fabric is suitable for the manufacture of the following mask types:

  • FFP1
  • FFP2
  • MNS type 1
  • MNS type 2
Für FFP2 Produktion

270 mm Rolle

Vliesbreite 270 mm
Vlieslänge pro Rolle ca. 1500 lfm
Grammatur 25 bis 28 g/m²
Sales unit Package = 1 pallet carrying 8 rolls
Minimum order quantity 1 package
Electrostatic charge
Für OP Masken

175 mm Rolle

Vliesbreite 175 mm
Vlieslänge pro Rolle ca. 1500 lfm
Grammatur 25 bis 28 g/m²
Sales unit Package = 1 pallet carrying 12 rolls
Minimum order quantity 1 package
Electrostatic charge
Individual requirements regarding grammage and dimensions up to a maximum of 540 mm on request

Melt blown fabric supply from Germany

The melt blown fabric is picked and dispatched directly at the production site in Nerdlen/Eifel. As a result, our delivery dates are reliable and we can supply you with mask fabric on time.

Current delivery time:

Upon request

What is melt blown fabric?

This non woven fabric is comprised of very delicate synthetic threads. During the production process, the plastic polypropylene is, first of all, melted until it has attained the desired consistency. It then flows through tiny nozzles and forms an extremely thin thread underneath. However, this must be pulled until even thinner. To do this, the melted thread is blown. That’s why it's referred to as “melt blown” fabric.

Given that the plastic threads are still warm, they stick together and form a net which is only suitable for mask production if it meets certain requirements.

So that the meltblown fleece has a high air permeability and an improved filter effect, it is electrostatically charged. Because charged meltblown fleece catches very small aerosols and particles.

The particles and aerosols do not stick to the filter - the filter performance remains consistently high.

Was ist Meltblown-Vlies?