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TechniSat Digital GmbH

TechniSat Digital GmbH
Company headquarters

The company was founded in Daun/Eifel in 1987. This head office also houses the board of directors of TechniSat Digital GmbH. In addition, it is home to management teams for the Automotive Business Unit, as well as the Customer Management, Project Purchasing, Controlling, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources and Legal Services, Accounting and Product Management departments. In 2008 the 8-storey TechniTower was erected as an additional office building in the TechniPark to create space for new jobs.

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TechniSat Digital GmbH - Julius-Saxler-Str. 3 - 54550 Daun/Vulkaneifel

TechniSat Digital GmbH
Client and Logistics Centre (TKL)

The TechniSat Client and Logistics Centre (TKL), just a few hundred metres from headquarters, has a modern high bay warehouse with a maximum storage capacity of over 4,000 pallets and a 1,000 m² picking hall. There is also a large-scale exhibition area, which is adjacent to the seminar and training rooms: a perfect combination for conducting training sessions, in which theory and practice complement each another.

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TechniSat Digital GmbH - St. Laurentius-Str 45 - 54550 Daun
TechniSat Digital GmbH