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76-5031-00 - white
The IMETEO Q1 is a weather station for measuring various weather values - temperature, pressure and humidity. Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity values ​​are saved. In addition, the IMETEO Q1 determines current weather trends and creates a weather forecast based on the measured key figures. It also has practical alarm clock and snooze functions.
An indoor sensor provides the measurement data inside the building, while a wireless outdoor sensor records the measurement values ​​outside the building and sends them to the base station. The wireless outdoor sensor with a transmission range of up to 60 m outdoors can be easily attached to a wall. On the large color display with three backlighting modes, you can see the time and all important measured values ​​and functions. The base station's LED mood light can take on different colours. In addition, the base station has a charging surface for wireless charging of compatible devices, such as smartphones or smartwatches.

Technical Data

Article information


Ambient operating conditions

0 ... 40 °C

funk communication

60 m
433.92 MHz

Other features


Power supply

50 / 60 Hz
230 V über USB
2 x 2x LR03 AA (Basis). 2x LR06 AA (Außensensor) (nicht im Lieferumfang)


-10 bis 50 °C
+/- 1.6 °C
20 - 95 %
+/- 6 %
433.92 MHz